The World's first online learning system for horseback archers

The Némethy System

Our mission is to make learning horseback archery easier and available around the globe for everyone.

To connect us all and let this beautiful sport grow!

My name is Christoph Némethy, and I have more than 10 years of experience as a horseback archer, teacher and developer. I have around 2000 student globally, and I already had horseback archery camps in more than 43 countries.

In all my travels, I see the same problems everywhere. Information is missing, and one week is very short to teach everything. There are rarely good basic knowledge and skills, but this could be learned so easily. Of course many people don't have the luxury to have a great trainer, because our sport is very new as a sport, though antient as a martial art. 

So we, at Némethy Academy want to give you the chance to learn horseback archery in a safe, healthy and inspiring way!

Me and my fellow coaches, we put our best knowledge into the training materials, to help you reach your goal, wherever you are in the world. Good luck!



We provide real motivation!

Let's reach the new level of Horseback Archery together! Our mission is to give real motivation, and an excellent education to our members.

Join us!



Some of the benefits:

Professional content

Get access to professional videos, and learn everything from the basics to the top. We cover topisc like the different styles of horseback archery (mediterranean, thumb, slavic/persian), we talk about how to use quivers (back quiver, hip quiver), also we teach how to choose the perfect bow and arrows. And many more!

Online exam opportunity

In this virtual world there is no more obsticle if you want to test your knowledge. Now there is no need to travel to the nearest Némethy teacher anymore. Sign up, and test your skills online, where our Némethy teachers will give you feedback as if you were joining the exam in person.


Never miss another camp date or competition deadline. In our newsfeed we will keep you updated about the most important events in the world, also give you some inspiration where you can look into what we are cooking in the Némethy schools.


Prices and upcoming packages

As a start Archery package is available at a discounted prive. Riding and Horseback Archery will follow.


Archery 1


Archery 2


Archery 3




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